I don’t waste time on what I can’t do right now

By getting clear about my concerns, I prepare. That way I get done what I can! I don’t waste time on what I can’t do right now.

By looking at now and the granularity of what can I do today?

I can adjust throughout each day.


I can adjust the small goals that I have set for myself!

With clarity about my concerns and visibility of what I can do in the present moment, I tend to move forward.

I do what’s in front of me that I can do right now.


Then? Repeat!

See what I can do with this moment. What might be possible?


Some days I can’t do anything.

I have to look at being clear about my concerns in the  morning, in the afternoon, in the later afternoon.

I’m matching my current-moment abilities with what contributes to me moving forward.


I want to help you get clear on your concerns.

I want to model identifying small things in this day-tight-compartment, and doing them.


How do you know what to do next?

I pick what makes sense.

Sometimes it’s the most important one.

Sometimes things get rearranged because the most important one is not possible.


Allow yourself to get clear about your concerns as I do.

Settle into the present moment.

Consider what might be possible today.


That gives me joy.

I want to share that joy with you!

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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