Modeling taking action

I’m modeling taking action! Even in mundane tasks, I seek fun.


What do I do?

How do I have fun taking action?

I figure out how what I choose to do links to my hopes and dreams.


Right now, I’ve had to let go of a lot.

Health challenges pose restrictions.

Business start up demands financial, time and effort commitments.

You’ve got stuff too. We all do!

I’ve found that when I search out fun, having fun helps me take action and keep on keeping on.

As in, having fun moving forward toward my hopes and dreams!


What can you use to put fun in as you move forward to your hopes and dreams?

After all, you might not be facing the challenges I face.

(Yup, they’re a blessing in addition to a challenge! Because there are benefits. One benefit being pushing distractions away.)

Without big challenges, well, you may have a great many distractions you allow to keep you from acting on your hopes and dreams.


As an alternative, I invite you to gently seek out small ways to enjoy the things you need to do to make your hopes and dreams happen.

While you do, I encourage you to allow yourself the freedom of being aware of actions needed for your hopes and dreams and how each action might be made more fun.


Right now, I try to focus on the basics and making them fun.

For example, eating (dark chocolate?!), moving (walking in beauty?!) and sleeping (getting a needed nap?!) can be restructured for fun combined with action.


I choose to search out and find tiny little ways that work for me.

Little rewards help me do so! Yup, that chocolate, beauty, and nap stuff works for me.


Choosing basics I enjoy helps me throughout each day.

Pause to reflect on yourself.

What is it for you that you’ve noticed works to lift you up, give you fun, in lighthearted tiny ways?

You’re unique. What works for you differs from what works for others.

I’m modeling taking action. Modeling willingness to find what works for me here and now.

I encourage you to figure out what works for you… and to give yourself the freedom to experiment.

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