Growing through the rain and hail seasons

Right now, rain is pounding down. Hail too! Dramatic weather. Life is that way at times. Growing can happen then too.

Personal growth happens within.

Sometimes it’s about the quiet inner strength and resilience building slowly.


I’ve found growing can happen through anything.

There are times when I must rest. Hit life’s pause!

Other times a lot of time must pass in healing.

Still, personal growth continues within.


Life has bumps. Just like these chunks of hail.

Yep. It’s rough during those times.

Yet I draw within to continue to grow.


Determined to keep growing!

You can too.


Choose a growth mindset.

Look for what you can learn from this moment.


Ponder on it.

Allow yourself to act on what you learn in a time when taking action is possible.

Be gentle with yourself during all the phases. Most especially the rough parts!

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About The Author

Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton gives an inspirational lift. Focus! Clarity! Joy! That helps you with implementation when you're struggling, trying to get motivated. Steadily! As a slow self-improvement guide for transformation and persistent growth for you, with examples to help you.