Awareness: How to increase your effectiveness

Being aware helps me put myself into the world.

I connect my heart with what I’m doing. That’s how my awareness level keeps rising!

Noticing what my heart feels, moment by moment, helps me be kind.

Kindness to others and kindness to me helps me keep going, too, through whatever happens.

Oh, it doesn’t stop me from making mistakes.

But it does help me become more effective.

I’ve found that awareness increases my effectiveness.

That helps me through business startup, health challenges, all that life brings.

One little bit a a time.

Because that’s all I can do right now:  a little bit.

So I do my little bit!

And as I become more and more effective, my little bit grows more significant.

Becoming more significant can happen for you by increasing your effectiveness!

For me, it’s coming from noticing what my heart feels, in the moment, and acting based on kindness.

I’m grateful that I’m increasing my effectiveness!

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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