The secret to laser focus

What’s the secret to laser focus? Blundering about making a difference I care about.

Persistently, consistently making an effort right now in each and every moment to do whatever part I might be able to do right now.

Oh, sometimes the details are frustrating! For example, the learning curve in getting my business going means I’ve got so much to learn that every day is full of blunders. Plus stuff I don’t know how to do and tiny things I’ve kind-of-sort-of learned how to do and need to improve upon for it to be useful.

Ahh… and I can only do a little bit right now.

Life’s secrets are about letting go of fear and daring to do the parts that can be done now.

When I can visualize my future as being built by my actions of now, distractions slip away.

Gradually, as I persist, what’s important comes into focus, here and there, for a moment.

Consistently allowing that process to take place, laser focus sneaks in for a fleeting spec of time.

Over time, those moments build.

I’ve got times of laser focus in my past…

I’m starting to get moments of it in the midst of my current challenges.

It’s coming from my willingness to be in the storm of learning.

Laser focus arises from the peace of being in the windy gusts of this moment while slowly, steadily seeking to make a difference that matters to me.

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