Paying Close Attention Helps Me Start (And Stop When I Need To!)

Results come from doing tiny bits of what I visualize for my future.
Re-evaluating helps!
Yet it’s the habitually doing that’s central to making what I want to happen have a good chance at happening.
Paying attention to all the variables matters.
When I pay close enough attention, I can STOP when what I need to do is to stop, and I can START when what I need to do is to start.
For example, when I stop to rest, I create an environment where it’s okay to start.
In fact, I build up trust that I can keep starting because then I trust I’ll stop at least approximately when I need to.
Yes, building a habit of starting is necessary for moving forward.
But creating a habit of stopping is connected to my willingness to get started.
I encourage you to Start and to Stop today!
Notice how you do and you’ll form a habit of visualizing your future and beginning anew your journey (fresh!) all through the day.
By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on youtube:

How To Focus Your Attention – The Secret To Getting Laser Focus


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