How To Empower Yourself For Exponential Personal Growth

I try to be aware of other people’s point of view. Doing so helps me to be kind to others as well as to me. When I’m focused on compassion for others, compassion for myself comes more readily.

Facing my own challenges is easier when I’m busy finding little tiny ways to be kind to others. My attention is focused outward by looking to others. That helps me.

Yet the big benefit to me comes when I act. It’s not just the observing! It’s definitely in the doing.

Yes, I actively seek out itty bitty ways I can do a little of this or a little of that to lift up one person at a time. I pay attention. That gets me letting go of my own challenges a bit.

The interesting thing is what happens when I then go deep to figure out what might I contribute.

Crossing the line from observing to seeking ways to be kind lifts me up a bit.

Leaping the chasm from identifying possible actions to the doing of those actions empowers me. I get a bit of a realization that my turning my dreams into reality is indeed part of my future. I feel more optimistic about doing what I need to do to make my big dreams happen.

By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on YouTube:

How To Get Started – How To Start DOING Things

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