Action! Because Life is a Process

Becoming a surgeon is a long term process, isn’t it?

My life is a process. I’m like a surgeon in the baby stage. Kind of like an Olympic athlete in the baby stage, too. Baby stands up. Baby learns to take a step. Over time, a baby may run and become the fastest, earning an Olympic Medal one day.

I’d like to become among the best at small things I can help people with.

I’m going through big challenges. As I do, I observe how much life is a process. People who haven’t been through this level of challenges haven’t had to notice so strongly that life is a process. It is! The actions we take now in this moment are what we’re putting into our lives.

I have to spend more time resting. I can only do small things. But there’s a benefit: because I can only do a little bit, I’m not getting distracted the same way as others I see.

I’m choosing what I put in my life.

As I’m creative about it, I’m choosing small enough goals that I’m getting to have feelings of accomplishment. Maybe my accomplishments can’t be as big as yours. But as long as I pick small enough goals and take action, there’s a possibility I’m going to meet those goals. Move forward to helping people like you with the small little things that I observe.

I’m doing what’s in front of me. I’m learning how not to feel stuck. It’s helping me to guide myself in building a better life through action.

What do you get out of your time?

How are you spending your hours?

Are you choosing small enough short term goals?

Are you daring big enough long term dreams?

Are you choosing the right actions in your process today to create a fit between your actions, your short term goals, and your big-enough-dreams?

If not, maybe today’s a good day to be getting creative.

Look at today as a process of becoming you.

​​​​​​​Act to make it so.

By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me:

Leveraging Possible Action to Make Big Dreams Happen

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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