How do I put myself in the right frame of mind?

This is how I put myself in the right frame of mind: I ground myself.

Life is complicated. Bad stuff happens. Good stuff too!

Through it all, I keep grounding myself. My daily routine helps me do so.

Grounding myself, to me, means that the fact that so many things are happening are outside of me, myself. I go within to recognize that I am doing my best.

Part is surrounding myself with the environment of resting when I need to rest. That helps me get done what I want to get done. Going a bit beyond what I can handle. AND recognizing when I need right now to rest.

I back off on some things to get other things done. Little things! To make space.

I keep doing the things I need to do to ground myself. Including climbing into bed. Going for a walk. Sitting in a coffee shop, just quietly being me, grounding me within.

I’m constantly stretching myself.

Gently! Gently with compassion.

By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on youtube:

Backing Off To Rest

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