Want a breakthrough?

Progress isn’t linear.

Breakthroughs enable us to “catch up” with a faster pace of growth.

I find it shows up as teeny tiny bursts of exponential growth.

I’ve noticed that those “catch up” bursts begin to happen when what I’m doing becomes part of me.

Momentum begins when doing little things happens over and over, becoming my routine.

Habits form and I begin to discover ways of simplifying.

The interesting thing about habits is that it’s easier for me to do what has become habitual.

An attitude of being this, doing it ’til it’s done slips in naturally.

Little shortcuts happen to make “doing it” fit.

I invite you to look for ways to simplify.

One that works for me is to center myself and dwell on the good that’s here and now.

That helps me keep fitting in the good… and identifying what I can let slip.

By the way, here’s an encouraging word on my youtube:

How to get a success mindset

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