Goals in a changing day

Every day’s different. For me now, it’s like my specifications change constantly!

I need to adjust day to day to challenges. We all do!

How best to adjust? I think about what matters to me. That helps me say, “Do this, not that!” I spend my precious ability to do things on what fits. Recognizing what matters helps me choose to take away this, not that.

Maybe there’s something that might make your life work better. Choosing to do this, not that.

Is there some machine you can let go of for half an hour each day? If you could reclaim half an hour, a couple important things can overflow a little bit.

I’m discovering my ability to do a little bit matters.

Imagine if you could do a little bit more of what matters.

Then? Do it. Pull the time from something that matters a bit less.

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Keeping It Simple Works


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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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