Acceptance and Action help me be more with who I am

I push off in action!
I choose to make the kinds of decisions that move me forward.
Visualizing helps me take action.
It helps me do my little bit and make it really happen.
I keep what I choose to do small.
Right now, I can only do a little bit at a time.
So, I do a little bit.
I take breaks!
Lots of breaks.
I take care of me.
That’s how I take the ability to take action and inject it into my day.
I keep things doable by me, for me.
That means…
I’m willing to re-adjust, to cross things off my list! I do it in a no tech way. Nope, not low tech! Simply no tech. As in, on an index card. I write my index card the day before. Then? Sometimes I tear up the card! Change it. Adjust to the day. Maybe even start a new one that has one thing on it. When that happens, I ask myself, which one thing will it be?
I take it lightly. I keep moving. By daring to dream, I keep my momentum and my spirits going.
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