Trust yourself to get a breakthrough right now

I’ve found recognizing what stuff means to me opens my way to getting breakthroughs. I’m a lot more aware of my breakthroughs now. In many cases, I get the part that I need right now.

When life has got more going on, you accomplish more. I remember! I know how they connect. Maybe knowing what has meaning to me is what inspires me to act consistently and persistently.

Maybe it’s about how I’m making my life be an adventure despite all the challenges I face.


What’s causing you to be stuck?


Recognizing what a breakthrough might mean for me helps me focus on living rather than worry.

Gives me a sense of what matters right now.



What would a breakthrough mean for you today?

How might recognizing that, well, increase your endurance and patience?


Why care? Because results follow!


I dare you to trust yourself that you know what a breakthrough would mean for you… and to write it down. For real. Pen and paper!!


While you’re here, I invite you to listen to an encouraging word from me on YouTube:

How to focus in a difficult time


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