How do you become more focused and motivated?

I choose enthusiasm. It makes things happen!

Enthusiasm helps me become more focused and motivated.


My enthusiasm comes from within.


I’m incentivizing myself from within by recognizing that what I follow through on fits with my dreams. Simply being aware helps me choose to do one step at a time. Even when I’m not up to it!


I look for what I can do here and now. I motivate myself by allowing myself to become enthusiastic. I ponder a bit to see what fits here and now. I decide what to do. I look within to see what matches.


I allow myself to do that which I’ve chosen.


Choosing something that’s possible in the here and now!


I do it.


Quietly. With enthusiasm!


I set myself on fire through action.


Are you ready to become more focused and motivated?

If so, I encourage you to find a way to set yourself on fire through action.

I’ve found that small actions work best for me.

I become enthusiastic! Then I act enthusiastic.

Then I become enthusiastic at a deeper level.

How do you become more focused and motivated?

In a word: enthusiasm. In two words? Enthusiasm! Action!



By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on YouTube:

Getting Breakthroughs

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