Prepare Your Foundation! Allow Momentum to Lift You Later

Momentum allows folks to “catch up”

That’s why building a strong foundation makes such a difference.

You can catch up as momentum starts to carry you forward.

I’m grateful to remember that from earlier successes.

Keeping a good attitude helps me build a foundation, consistently, persistently putting in effort over time.

Because I remember that doing what I can is enough.

Bits of momentum will come along that lift me and my foundation up.

Not all at once, but one little bit at a time.

Which is good… because I’m really only ready to take advantage of a little bit right now.

As I’m ready for more? My attitude and momentum will lift me more.

Because I’m growing. And so are you!

Keep at it, build your foundation and momentum and your attitude will lift you up.

Consistently, persistently with your continued effort over time.

You can do it!

By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on YouTube:


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