Nurturing Yourself By Gaining New Skills

I’ve been working on learning a new skill! Today I feel like I got it. Here’s how…

I took a big leap forward by allowing myself to focus tightly on that critical skill I want and need. I did it by letting other stuff be on the back burner so to speak, on hold pending the arrival of the me with that skill.

In fact, I poured myself whole heartedly into that new skill in a special way, day after day…

For five days.

What made a difference? Partly, I’ve worked on it before. But partly this: I started all over again each day. Fresh me, fresh perspective, starting from step zero as if I’d never done it before but drawing on my experience up to that moment. What a difference!

Is there a skill you want and need to gain?

What would happen if you put other stuff on hold for a week and put your best fresh self forward?

How might getting that skill into you change your tomorrows?

If it’s anything close to priceless? What would it be worth to rearrange your life to go for it?

Hey, while you’re here, I spoke a few encouraging words to lift you forward… it’s over here on YouTube and I’d like to suggest it’s well worth the 1 minute 57 second investment of your time to go listen, start to finish!

Here’s the link:

how to get your momentum


By the way, do you want to learn more about this topic? If so, you may want to download my free report on encouraging myself to keep moving forward by clicking here


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