Goals help me make good come of obstacles

Bad stuff is often temporary. When it’s not? I learn to manage it to allow good to come of it.


I do what I can to alleviate one bad aspect or to reward myself.


For example, the bad stuff of feeling overwhelmed happens a lot now. Because I can only do a little bit. Because I have big dreams. Because I’m daring to push my limits.


I manage by setting tiny extra goals in place for self-care rewards. Maybe eating a piece of dark chocolate before sitting down to do something important. Maybe going for a relaxing walk enjoying the fresh air no matter the weather or to 2 Masses in one day, planning a movie on the day they’re on sale, or peeking at the specials encouraging me to go out to eat early, or perhaps as a special treat doing all that in a row and ending with a wee bit of dark cherry ice cream.


What bad stuff in and around you can be taken more lightly if you did what rewards you more?


What can you do today that’s going to push through an obstacle?


Because let’s face it, life is full of obstacles.


We can get better at facing little obstacles head on with delight! That’s what builds the habits necessary to keep moving forward through bigger obstacles, even disasters that temporarily feel that they approach the 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale so to speak (that’s earthquake measurement talk for at or near total destruction).

While you’re here, I’ve also got another encouraging word on YouTube:


Hey, sometimes we need to lighten up!


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