Clues to Persistence are in Bumpy Day Gold

I dig my teeth in. I do what’s next. I get my deciding going.

My persistence comes from a peculiar learning tool.

Want some without the pain? You see, I’ve faced a lifetime of health challenges. Now too!

Here’s the clue: when I accept that this is where I’m at right now? I get my bumpy day gold.

There’s always something I can do about what I care about.

The trick is to look for it. You see, bumpy day gold is hidden in our challenges. We’ve got to shake off whatever coal or dirt may be hiding our gold. When we do? That gold is ours for the taking.

Albert Einstein said that “The value of achievement is in the achieving.”

I see that as a momentum kind of thing. When I achieve on a bumpy day, I gain more than someone facing an easy peasy day. And the momentum’s mine for each tomorrow as I do.

Where’s your gold today?

Do you want it?

If so… ask yourself “Why?”

Knowing why’s another clue that gets me going.

While you’re here, I invite you to listen to an encouraging word from me on YouTube to help you push through to the steps for your next breakthrough:

Discover Your Next Breakthrough

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