Getting the Key to Resilience into your hands Now

Throughout the day I ask myself what can I do now to take action that’s going to bring me closer to the life I want to be living.

Curiosity about how I can apply myself helps me keep moving forward. I explore a bit. Then I decide quickly. I act.

I know most people give up when they don’t get the results they want quickly. That’s the popular route to living. But I’ve found that there’s a better way.

That’s why I want to encourage you to keep moving forward.

Because you deserve more than just the low hanging fruit. Plus? Because sometimes in life, there are phases when today’s low hanging fruit gets a bit out of reach. That’s when being innovative and being resilient matter most.

When you’ve got the habit of being resilient, you keep on moving forward.

Here’s the thing. Happiness is in that zone too! Where I am is enough when I’m moving forward.

While you’re here, I’d like to share how I dig my teeth in and do what’s next. How? As an encouraging word from me on this YouTube beginning with a quote from…

The value of achieving lies in the achieving. – Albert Einstein


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Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton gives an inspirational lift. If your challenges put you out of action or into feeling stuck, prepare yourself here. Learn to put into practice what you need. Focus! Clarity! Joy! Cynthia helps you get into implementation when you're struggling. Steadily! Get slow self-improvement and persistent growth. Develop hope for overcoming daunting challenges.