How to trust yourself to adapt to adversity

When I do what I can, I get through. That includes setting habits in play and goals.

Because when I set goals I’m more likely to keep moving forward toward them.

Despite whatever adversities that are a fact of life!

Because I do set goals, I’m more aware of my habits. I look at what I do on a daily basis. I evaluate from different perspectives. Looking for benefits! Seeking persistence and consistency in preparing by being and doing what fits today.

By having habits, I move forward. I grow to be more. I become the moving target of who I want to be. When some things are not possible, I look for what is possible in the current moment.

I adapt by preparing as best I can. I build habits and reevaluate how my habits are working for me. Having things there daily that fit me now makes the difference between surviving and thriving. I am happy and content because I am moving forward in the ways that are possible for today.

I become resilient. I build trust in my ability to adapt to adversity by doing what I need to do.

While you’re here, I’d love to lift you up with these encouraging words from me on my youtube that’s designed to help you gain resilience and rise above obstacles:

There is a better way

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