How to become more effective and productive

Do you struggle to become more effective? Are you frustrated with your productivity?

Here’s what works to build a habit of action!

I pick what matters to me.

I recognize action builds my life.

When I keep my attitude light-hearted that helps.

Choosing small stuff as the building blocks, doing what matters, and practicing gets me to build habits.

Re-evaluating the benefits I’m gaining keeps me on track.

You see, what I want to happen might not be happening yet. But when I notice what I am getting out of my habit in the present moment, I appreciate the process. Knowing the process is helping me grow in the right direction encourages me to keep moving forward.

By the way, here’s an encouraging word to do what you can when life’s bumps mean you need to draw deep upon all your experience to keep moving forward. It’s me, on youtube:

How to adapt to adversity

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