Imagination Sparks Significant Achievement AND Nurtures You

Significant achievement’s bumpy! As a kid, I had training wheels on my bicycle. But I stopped tipping side to side when I got rid of those training wheels.
When I try to break big dreams into doable chunks, I engage my imagination. I allow sparks to fly!
I seek excellence. Yet I start new things in bumpy ways.
I dig into small pieces. Because big stuff can take years but small bits can get done today.

How do I get started? I look for the training wheel phase.

I imagine what I can do right now about a big project using who I am and what I can do now.
I spark my imagination to come up with what I might pick up and do start to finish. I throw more sparks around over what I might do a tiny bit of. I dare to imagine what doing a small bit daily might turn into.
When I do something daily, I gain my balance for that. There’s not so much swaying back and forth from lack of skill or distraction.
I take a small piece and get good at it. I get better… become excellent… learn to do it without the extra time and energy of going into quite so many wobbles.
Practicing makes that happen. Daily practice with small things!
What might you need training wheels on? Dare to spark your imagination to move forward toward whatever you want to make happen in your lifetime.
How do you get to “some day” and “lifetime” dreams and desires?

Let some sparks fly today!

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