Getting to times when life flows

It feels good when life flows, doesn’t it?


Flow happens when I’m focused on what fits for me today. Fits in the sense of being what I can do right now. Fits meaning heading me in the direction I want to go.


Habits help me get to flow more readily.


Where does all that begin to form?
Goal setting!


Setting goals involves realizing what’s important. Setting goals means choosing what’s at least a little bit less important.


Goal setting helps me organize. Reality is that there’s just a little bit I can do right now. Yet by choosing wisely, I can accomplish the building blocks that put a foundation in place in all the areas of my life. With a strong foundation, I can encourage myself to keep moving forward.


Setting goals and building habits helps me be consistent and persistent. It prepares me to pull in what matters, and to relentlessly push out what’s got to go. Goals help me grab hold of and benefit from little opportunities I notice here and there that align with what I want for myself.


We get 24 hours each day. Turning those 24 hours into a life of significance happens one tiny moment at a time. You can do it!



By the way, here’s an encouraging word on gaining happiness as you go! Its from me on YouTube:

Want to be Happy?


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