Making a difference: How to choose “What’s Next?!”

Lots of plates spinning, right? How do you correctly choose what’s next?

What I can do because I struggled with it is useful to help 1 person.

Helping 1 person helps me help another.

What I’ve discovered is that the first “another” is me.

I’ve found doing so repeatedly helps me help other people even more.

What can you do because you struggled with it?

Look within! Because, well, in my experience, it’s likely there’s another aspect of that you’re still struggling with.

Clarity in that often comes from teaching what you struggled with to another human being who desperately needs to learn what you learned.

Learning how to gently teach what you learned helps you grow in many and deep ways.

Perhaps your #1 thing to get to doing next is teaching what you’ve suffered through… a basic aspect of that with which you’ve still got some aspect of that-kind-of-gunk going on in your own life right now.

While you’re here, I’d like to share an encouraging word on getting to those times when life seems to just easily flow. It’s me, briefly on Youtube here:

Getting to mindfulness by goal setting and habits

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