Gaining what you want long term can begin right now

There’s power in giving timing priority to what matters to you.

When what matters most gets done, you feel better, don’t you?

You get an encouraging sense of accomplishment.

That feeling lifts you up. It’s a cycle! Because that lift helps you to encourage yourself to keep moving forward. I’ve found that as I allow myself to develop my own way of living it gets me growing. Because going my way creates habits in me.

Habits are like a little trail of bread crumbs through the forest of my day.  My habits will get me engaged in getting more of what matters to me into each day. Having habits about how you respond to living a day helps you focus on living in the present moment.

Because habits start to give you days lived in flow and glow.

Hey, here’s a quick habit to add in. It’s an encouraging word from me on YouTube:

Some of the best things in life are simple


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