How to get yourself to take action

Some seasons go the way you want. You act as planned. Other times, you get distracted, spend resources differently than intended or fail to invest in yourself.

What guides you back when you get a bit lost?

Your creative energy within brings you back on track.

In fact, doing one small action works.

How can you jump start your action?

By gently remembering your desire. By slowly allowing your enthusiasm for getting what you want… to catch fire again. Then you do what an airline pilot does: gentle redirection. Because airplanes constantly adjust course over the duration of a flight simply to stay on their travel path.

Unlike planes, people have two parts that are necessary for course correction. First is being gentle – kind, loving and considerate – to yourself when you notice that you are off course. Then? Action. You’ve got to act. Thinking, talking and planning about action is useful but not sufficient.

Small action daily works for the long haul. Do something toward your dream today. Act in some small way. You may be surprised how far your enthusiasm carries you forward because of your one small action today that puts you back on track.

By the way, sometimes a jump start from other people is helpful. Here are gifts from many people linked into a youtube I created. Followed by encouraging words from me that are youtubes gifts to lift you up and inspire you to encourage yourself to keep moving forward. Here’s that youtube playlist:

Investing in yourself – gifts

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