Personal growth mindset

What helps me enthusiastically experiment each day with personal growth? I’m open to trying new things because I’m growing from a mindset of patient acceptance that getting what I want simply takes time. My mindset fuels my eagerness to experiment, implement, evaluate and encourage myself to keep moving forward.

You can do that too! Indeed, your ability to dream gives you the power to consider even what may feel to be impossible goals. The funny thing about impossible goals (like human space travel!) is that there are possible steps you can put together to get farther than you might think.

Often that’s by getting help from other people because your first steps attract other people’s interest in collaborating with you!

Implementing a mindset of growing also arises from contentment. Gratefulness helps me feel content now – and at the same time propels my willingness to work for more.

Gratitude gives a delightful perspective on life as it is, right now, despite all challenges. Exploring, experimenting, and dreaming from a grateful point of view helps me grow through whatever happens as I encourage myself to keep moving forward.

By the way, here’s my inspirational youtube on getting yourself to take action:

Getting your enthusiasm in gear

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