Simple gratitude practices lead to making a difference

What really is your #1 thing?
Gratitude leads me to figure that out.
What fits for me in the short term builds into my habits. Those habits form the routine that guide me to my long term future.
Life goes in phases. The challenges we face today are unique to today. As we overcome challenges, we grow. By paying attention to what the #1 thing is right now, I create a mindset that helps me choose “What’s Next?!” from one phase of life to another.
I pay attention to what I’m grateful for.

Knowing that sets me up to make a difference in the world.


I invite you to watch the little youtube I made for you today, to give you gifts of happiness.


Here’s that link:  Happiness


By the way, here’s an article by me that was published today on the online self improvement community:


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