This will show you how to Figure Out what to do in life

How do you figure out what to do in life?


What to do now? What’s next?!


It can be puzzling, right?


There’s no algorithm, is there? No recipe book. No 31 flavors store where you might reliably expect to be able to pick your “What’s Next?!”


Even if there was such a place? Well, life will deliver a challenge that does not fit so well with those choices.


But here’s the funny thing.


When you look inside, ponder deeply who you are, what your interests and talents clue you in to look at… you know what matters to you.


Mostly in the busy bustling world, folks don’t bother to look within. Most folks just keep going, this way and that, based on what bounces off their life from one moment to another.


But anyone, anywhere, anytime can look within.


When if you look deeply inward, you can figure out what you want to do with your life.


Because deep down, you know what you care about.


That’s right. You know what matters to you.


Okay, here’s the thing. You might not be acting on that information. But there’s a part of you that’s able to say, “THIS matters to me!”


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