The value of re-evaluating goals

When I’m enthusiastic? Hey, I accomplish more. Even rough days!

Okay, so it doesn’t work all the time. Some days I start and stop. But, hey, by starting, I exercise the habit of starting! And in any case, I do find it works often enough to make a difference. So, it’s part of my process.

It’s part of how I’m able to look forward to tomorrow by setting today into the best shape that I can.

When today’s goal fits me, I’m eager to figure out exactly what I can do today… and get started into that doing.

When what I want to accomplish today fits me here and now, it’s easier to figure out the steps I need to take. There’s a wee bit less of a barrier between me and setting out to get started doing one thing after another.

Do you set goals to fit who you are today?

By the way, here’s an encouraging word from me on finding meaning as your world changes:

How To Find Meaning

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