Simple steps simplify in silly ways that work

What do you care about? Is that included somewhere in all that you’re doing? If so, bravo! If not so much? Hey, let’s ask some questions to lead you to act to simplify your life.


Part of simplifying is go get you started. When you start, you tend to catch fire. When that level of enthusiasm is born, you naturally begin to plan.


Yep. Plan. As in plan small steps. The importance of having steps planned can be seen most clearly when what matters to you is getting run over by other stuff.

Let’s start with a silly way that works. By asking a simple silly question…


If you were put on trial for doing what matters to you, is there enough evidence to convict you of caring about that?


I mean, let alone someone else finding clear evidence… can you even tell inside yourself what matters most to you by looking at your life?


Or has the busyness of your life and the urgent demands of all of life begun to take a toll?


(Or perhaps more likely run over you?)


It’s easy for things to creep into your life, isn’t it?

In ways that crowd out what matters to you. Even to the point that there’s little time for what you see as your purpose in life.


It’s not your fault.


Because when you get busy, it’s easy to become distracted from what you care about most.


It’s not your fault for getting off track for the long term.

But it is your responsibility to get back on track.


You can learn how to stay focused on the long term by steps you can do right now. Steps to look at what matters. Steps to see where what matters might fit in your life. Steps to simplify!


When you’re ready to simplify, that’s when the importance of having steps planned comes in as a way of keeping you on track.

 While you’re here, I’m also sharing an encouraging word on those times you’ve got to reset goals:

YouTube Cynthia on How To Fit Goals To Today


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