How to jazz up your creativity!

Inspiring myself to creativity is a process.

This is how I experiment:

I look in different ways at what I need to figure out. I open myself to resourcefulness by allowing myself room to relax. Because there’s a natural wellspring of inspiration and creativity within! Based on a lifetime of experience. For me, tapping all that requires a bit of a relaxed approach. Pausing is useful.

I do what it takes to induce a relaxation response. Sometimes that’s as simple as paying attention to my breathing for a bit. Because relaxation shakes things up! That’s what allows me to prepare to shift into an action mode as I decipher what’s next. Accepting that I need to trigger the relaxation response lets me rediscover that life begins anew as I search for a batch of creative possibilities to experiment to find what’s next one bit at a time.

While you’re here, I’ve got encouraging words on youtube for you on how to simplify so that you have enough enthusiasm to do what you need to do. Here’s the link:

Simplify Enthusiasm

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