Using positive affirmations to deepen gratitude

How can you lift yourself up today?

Start by affirming who you are and what you have that you appreciate right now!

Don’t underestimate the impact long term of such positive affirmations.

Essentially, when you affirm the good parts of now, you grab the benefits of gratitude. Studies have demonstrated time and time again that gratitude has long reaching positive impact on people’s lives.

Most people underestimate what can be accomplished in a lifetime.

Some days you won’t feel like it. That’s when it’s most important to stay the course.

How can you lift yourself up to stay the course on rough days?

Find the smallest possible actions you can figure out that still fit for you on such days.

Because it’s not a straight path to success. It’s bumpy! Yet when you encourage yourself to keep moving forward, you make a difference that makes the difference long term.

Here’s encouraging words to open yourself to resourcefulness – it’s me on YouTube:

Trigger your creativity today

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