How to Develop Patience and Persistence

I’m searching out tiny ways of continually improving at taking care of my needs.

At the same time, I seek to keep moving forward in all the ways I want to grow.

Along the way, I’ve noticed that each little way I nurture myself boosts my patience and persistence.

For example, nurturing myself tends to bloom into a deeper level of patience.

Sometimes it’s as simple as focusing on smiling. At other people – and at myself in the mirror!

Other times it’s as numerical as noticing my progress on a spreadsheet tracking my articles as an expert author over on the #1 self improvement site on the Internet.

I’ve found that the secret is to notice little things I can do to lift myself up – and to act on what I observe.

What can you do to care for yourself a wee bit more closely to what you need today?

I encourage you to care for yourself a little bit extra today.

Dare to do a tiny boost for yourself today. Maybe it’s a date night with your spouse – or yourself! – or maybe it’s a few hours on that business you wanted to start.

Dare to practice today.  Whatever that means for this phase of your life.

By the way, I invite you to check out encouraging words from me over on YouTube that’ll inspire you to act! Indeed, to leap forward a bit right here and now with your personal growth:

How regular practice puts the impossible within reach



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