How To Grow Through Whatever Happens

When you have a growth mindset, do you know what’s next?

You’re able to face whatever challenges happen and grow from them.

You do it on any given day by choosing to continue to grow.

Whatever challenge arises?
Your growth mindset gets you focused on what matters to you.

Dare to ask yourself some easy questions.


Simple things such as, “Well, okay, today was a rough day –but compared to what?

Where have you BEEN? (this is the part about “compared to what?”)

How are you DOING NOW? (this is the insight to tell how you’re growing)

That’s going to encourage you.
Inspire you to keep on keeping on.
Sure, you’re still going to have rough days.

But you know what?

You’re going to grow enough that you can handle whatever happens to you.


Because recognizing where you’ve been helps you to START DOING and to KEEP DOING what you need to do.

By the way, here are encouraging words on grabbing patience while you do so! It’s me on YouTube:

Quick Tip on How To Develop Patience

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