Timing is NOT in your control but your attitude is and that’s enough

Do you WANT to be a quitter or a finisher?

If you want to be a finisher, this is for you.

Me? I’m passionate! I’m a finisher.

I’ve found my attitude helps me move forward from wherever I am.

Maybe not to where I want to be right now– but in that direction!

Going in the right direction lifts me up.

That perspective helps me encourage myself to keep on keeping on with passion despite setbacks, obstacles, distractions and otherwise attractive alternatives that could sidetrack me from accomplishing my dreams.

You cannot do everything.

Accepting that simplifies life.

Oh, I don’t mean holding back! Your passion, your dreams, lived fully, really do matter.

Yet I’ve learned that controlling the urge to get everything done under a timeline that might not fit me really does help in moving forward.

Yes, there are times when quitting make sense.

But quitting something that matters to you simply because you did not race to get it done under some timeline that you aspired to… well, excuse me for being frank, but that’s nonsense.

If something matters to you and you can do it?

Does it really matter whether it takes X days or Y days to accomplish it?

Might the world benefit enough from what you doing what matters to you enough that the timing is at least a tiny bit irrelevant?

Do you dare to want your heart’s desire enough to make time to do it?

I do.

I’ve learned to accept that I cannot do everything.

The corollary to that is that I’ve learned to accept that timing isn’t in my control.

Instead, I seek to build a graceful response that may well give me a competitive edge.

Because I seek to find what DOES FIT me.

I become more effective.

Yeah, I learned this the hard way. Many years ago, from health challenges.

That’s part of why I’m sharing it with you here and now.

Because here’s the thing, you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Yes! Figuring out when to push and when to scale back can be difficult.

Here’s how to practice:

Pay attention to your attitude and your perspective today.

Find little ways to move forward based on looking at different angles of attitude.

Because your attitude is in your control.

Allow it to become a graceful dance.

Allow yourself to slow down when you need to so that you can choose what’s next based on what best fits where you are today.

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