How to move toward exponential growth

I do itsy-bitsy’s here and now – short term!

I gain practice. Practice leads to habits and routines. Done with enough effort over time, that’s where I’ve found momentum can show up long term. In the past, I learned that…

exponential growth comes when I tighten in on tiny tasks consistently, persistently, over time.

So, I dare to do the tiny.

Teeny tiny things done repeatedly over time become powerful.

In fact, I’ve found it’s the small things that do make a difference. For example, when I do something small, I can more easily identify what went well.

The way I figured out how to solve a problem might be exactly what someone in front of me right now needs to know. When I act on that, I become willing to share my solution, even when it feels small, silly or simply straightforward.

In showing my way of solving a problem to one person, I help them in that moment — and I gain deeper skills as I help.

When I do something small to help someone right now, I start a powerful process that helps me make valuable things happen for me, for them, and soon enough for another person.

This process can work for you, too!

Who can you dare to help today? Seriously. Something small!

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