Mental Fortitude To Deal With Fear

I’ve built mental fortitude to deal with fear.

Because I know I’ve got tiny tools to do what I need to do, whatever happens.

One of the things that matters in gaining the mental fortitude to deal with fear is your own conversation with yourself.

It’s a conversation you may not even be aware of because it’s often expressed by attitudes and actions rather than by words.

That inner stuff isn’t always positive, right?

Yet your growth arises from positive feedback.

The easiest place to get it is from you! That way you build up habits and routines that you can guide yourself with even when life’s inevitable bumps and storms come your way.

Practice giving yourself a positive word of encouragement right now. Recognize something you did today that was positive. Smile when you find one. Then allow yourself to take on an inner attitude and the actual words of, “Good job!”

Repeat. Yup, go do that good job thing again – the same way or another way! – and tell yourself “Good job!” once again. Then dare to be really silly and seal it in with a piece of dark chocolate or something else that’s a treat for you.

While you’re here, do you want to get long term achievement from the little things you do today? If so, you may benefit from these encouraging words from me over on youtube:

How to get long term achievement out of what you do today

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