Modeling Works! Noticing Results Drives Action

People I admire inspire me to become better.

Often, it’s in them modeling doing – and me noticing the results they get!

Even me doing the modeling works!

When I’m modeling for myself what I need to do to move forward, moving forward happens. Even on rough days.


When I get my attitude in a better place, life tends to become adventure rather than ordeal. My attitude helps me to encourage myself on a moment by moment basis. Partly it’s my own feelings about WANTING a change enough to DO something about it.My feelings of wanting results come to my aid in mustering up the energy and effort to do the follow through.

When I feel I want something enough that I’m willing to do something new BADLY while I figure out how to do it BETTER? Well, here’s the thing: my feelings can lead me to an attitude that guides me in doing what it takes. I suspect I get it often simply because I’m willing to be a fool and keep trying.

I experiment as wildly as it takes. I dare the role of researcher!  I allow myself the role of a baby who’s continually falling down in learning to walk! Plus, here’s another important ingredient: I’m persistent. Maybe I can’t get it right on my own. But I can be persistent and get help and keep poking at whatever and approaching it one little bit at a time.

What do you want to move forward in your life?

Pick a small aspect of that and do something about it… BADLY today… while you move toward figuring out how to do it better.

While you’re here, I’ve got encouraging words on youtube: Be Yourself! You ARE enough

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