Yank a bit of your dream into reality today

Looking at lessons I learned helped me build a successful offline business a while back. Now, with new challenges – I’m helping people in new ways while creating an online business.


Paying attention to lessons learned leads me to new ways to extract specific steps to take now for getting better results. That turns generally useful stuff into the specifics that get things to happen.


One way that works for me: I find small steps I can do. For example, writing (like this!) becomes part of my growth.


My strong desire for change sparks a willingness to act. That gets me researching the work of others too.


My willingness to act pulls me past the wondering about what I can do phases. Puts me right into a realistic examination of my current situation. To concrete, real action that gets things to happen. My thinking then guides me to see more little things I can do, right here, right now.


I dare to experiment. I leap into regular repetition! I get small results that matter to me. Action brings my dreams into reality.


Hey, here’s the thing. Tiny gets done. Tiny gives progress.


What is the tiniest action you could take today to experiment?


Your dreams are worth the daring of a tiny wild experiment! I invite you to be a bit bolder today by doing something smaller that you can accomplish start to finish by investing a wee bit of today.


By the way, I pulled together some of my youtubes into a playlist to motivate you to yank a bit of your dream into reality:

Motivational YouTubes


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