Gratitude helps turn setbacks into long term success

I’ve had successes and setbacks. More than most folks on both counts!

I’m grateful for both.

Yes, I experience gratitude now over the successes AND setbacks, including big challenges, disasters, and more.

How is that possible?

Here’s the thing…

Dealing with them, I learned from a lot of iterations most people do not even have the opportunity to be blessed with the depth and importance of a focus on little things

Especially little things that can be repeated!

Because when you repeat things, you get better at them.

Tiny things make a difference.

For example, a rest day can make a leap forward possible.

Slowing down can help you go a longer distance.

Connecting with people in small silly things can make the biggest difference.

Look for the littlest things you can do – and repeat! – in ways that will make a difference. Work up to the bigger things. Dare to do something small. Even when it takes a long time to build up to a wee bit more – dare to do the little bit you can do today.

Repeat the little bits you can do. Gain success experience from little things. Not just in one area! In multiple areas of your life. Tiny things about the basics (eating, sleeping, moving) and about the dreams (like mine of helping people in a successful online business). Do them.

There’s something small enough that you can do it today. Figure out what fits today’s situation. Do exactly that – no more! No less!

Dare that work. Dare to find the FUN in that work, where it connects with helping others, and with what you want.

By the way, here’s me on youtube to help you find small steps you can do:

How To Turn Your Dream Into Action That Makes Things Happen



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