Nurturing a better you

Sometimes the #1 thing needs to be nurturing yourself. I find that fine tuning is required day to day. That way today fits me!

Quite often, I don’t get it right.

So that means I adjust from day to day. And within each day!

Because when I adjust frequently, I find that I am more likely to get an approximately appropriate fit that works for me today.

I find that when I nurture myself well I get more energy and focus.

Energy and focus gives a bit more insight into what’s happening.

I become more alert to small opportunities. Such as those that open up as I interact with people.

Including little openings in a conversation that prompt me to speak up! Sometimes a few simple encouraging words from me makes a difference.

What I actually do may be tiny. The size of my action doesn’t matter. Because results for others can be outsize compared to my tiny effort.

Even for myself, I find that the impact on my own personal growth from simply helping someone else in one small way is often much larger than the effort I put in to helping the other person.

For example, the simple habit of doing gets me into action mode. That’s valuable all by itself! Action builds a habit of action that nurtures a better me. My action models the benefit of action to others, empowering each person to begin an action of their own.

By the way, sometimes self-care is abbreviated when big projects require overdoing! Here are some encouraging words to help you through:

How to Do Big Projects

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