How to function under pressure

When you can take your time to do something, it’s easier, isn’t it?

When there’s not enough time, it becomes frustrating to get through what you want to get done.

Indeed, what you need to get done!


I’m facing lots of health challenges.

That means that I’m not able to get done what I’d like to get done.

So I’ve got to find work arounds.


One way that works is to let go of pressure by looking at what you can do what matters to you.

Then only do that.


That’s right.

Only do what you can do that matters to you.

Cut out what you can’t do. Let it go.

Push away from what matters less so that you can do what matters more.


I’m more aware how important this is because I can only do a little bit.

I try to make my little bit count.

Doing what I can while letting go of what I can’t helps me move forward.

Choosing what matters more and what matters at least a little bit less helps me do what I can.


Evaluate your situation.

Be kind to yourself.

Do what you can and you’ll get better at getting that done.

Because you’ll develop habits that help you move forward.

And because you’ll be able to figure out what does matter more when you’re moving on doing what you can!

When you’re moving, you can steer yourself.


By the way, here’s encouraging words from me over on my YouTube:

Self care needs to be #1 on some days


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