Increasing your well-being

Well-being increases when we keep moving forward!

Daring to continue to work on what matters to me makes a difference in my feelings of well-being.

I like to make a difference in the small ways that are open to me.

That includes volunteering in my community. Yes, in many small ways! It adds up from one day to the next. Taken as a whole, I’m contributing in unique and useful ways.

I’m doing the same as I build my business! I’m building an email community. I’m helping one person at a time in small ways that fit who I am and how I can make a difference.

As I do these small things, my own effort contributes to lifting me up, too. That lift is part of what helps me keep moving forward. Because I’ve got big dreams. And big challenges! By working on the bits I can do today, I move toward making my dreams real… and as I do, I increase my well-being.

You can increase your sense of well-being, of contentment, joy, and happiness. Because that arises from moving forward… and you’ve got control of moving forward.

How can you increase your well-being today?

Allow that to be a small goal! Then? Do something about it!

For example:
* Define what moving forward means for you.
* Decide to do something small that’s relevant.
* Pick a tiny bit of that and tackle it today.
* Get started with one concrete specific action that fits you today.

by the way, sometimes adjustments help:

Simplify so that you can function under pressure

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