Do you want to accept more happiness into your life?

Digging into happiness! Where do we get started? Well, I’d first say it is about doing.

It’s about choosing to do that which tends to lift you up as an individual. It’s about choosing to avoid thinking in ways that take you on some kind of a downward spiral. And instead, choosing to do tiny small things.

What I find puts me up on an upward spiral is to do small things for myself – and for others! Serving other people helps me. It lifts me! Lifts me up. It does get me climbing up. Just like on a staircase – climbing up and up and up! As I do each small thing, it encourages me to keep moving forward for the next small thing.

What small thing can you do for someone else today that fits into your dreams?

For example, do you have a goal of gaining some speciic new skill in a deeper way?

If so, how about using that skill in some small way to help one person.

By the way, here’s another way to put happiness into your life today! It’s me on youtube:

Dare to explore! Simple happiness lesson

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