Personal Growth from Playful Goals

Injecting playfulness helps me with personal growth! I find playful goals are easier to get done. As in, really make them happen for me.

The world is really challenging right now, isn’t it? I’m sure other points in history people felt scared about what was going on around them. Now, though, you can hear about what’s going on around anywhere. Not just right outside your doorstep. Not just in your neighborhood or your town. But all over the world.

Playful goals can help you to manage what part of the world you let into your life.

I’ve found as I’ve faced challenging times that remembering good things from the past helps. Looking at what parts of those good things I want to bring into my life now reminds me, though, that I need to pick playful goals.

Goals during challenging times, I’ve found, when they’re playful, guide me to be the most effective me that I can be. That’s right, during your most challenging times, keeping goals light helps you get results.

When you’re facing a challenge, you need to take good care of yourself. Part of taking good care of yourself is having goals that move you forward toward where you want to be. Yet when you do it playfully…

it’s easier to get yourself to do what you need to do.

I’ve discovered you can achieve your goals and still take care of yourself this way.

One part, of course, is that you have to set a goal! But another thing is finding out what you can do now. Figure out the actions in challenging times playfully because when you’re allowing yourself to be playful…

you’re also giving yourself the hope to encourage you…

to do what you need to do to build a better life, a better you.

Playful goals help allow yourself to do what needs to get done one in just little bit at a time.

Little things really do matter. A lot more than big things sometimes. Because big things taken in one bite might give you indigestion. But small things are more likely to nourish you. And move you in the direction of where you really want to be.

Remember good times. Then?

Set a small goal that’s going to bring more good times into you.


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