Action leads to habits: simplifying’s a good one!

Do you ever suspect
that your life might be
a little bit easier to manage
if only you were to simplify a little bit?I do.And so I did.
But then I lost…
That beautiful habit
of simplifying.

I got so that I could do certain things.
Then I added one thing!

It went really well.
Only, I guess I got a little excited.

I started writing down all these things I wanted to do.
I wrote them on the page for the day.

Of course I didn’t get them all done.
And of course I didn’t feel really good about it.

But you know what else I did?
I wrote a whole bunch of things for the next day.

There was no way I was going to get
Them all done either!

That morning I woke up…
Realizing what the problem was.

Right now…
I need to add things one at a time.

I need to carry myself forward

By building habits…

And I also need to add things…
Then return to the part where I simplify…

It works.

So… again I added in a great thing. It went well.

So… I added that in regularly… And it went well.

So… then I added a second one.
So that I had that something happening twice, regularly.

If I left it right there, it would have been great!
Because I was ready to add something new.

I’m surprised I was able to add something the following week that was new, but it was the same thing on a different day. Something short! Teaching. Recording. Making a difference.I just got ahead of myself a little bit again, that’s all…

Yep, I do this repeatedly.
I reach, I grow, I push too far.

Look at your life.
Maybe there’s somewhere…

Where you’re doing
what you need to be doing

and you’re trying
to do it

Just like somebody who’s going to be
an Olympic Gold Medal Winner:

the day they’re born
they’re not out there running around
reaching for that gold medal.

You’re just like every gold medalist.

You start out at the beginning.

And just like them…
If you keep adding one thing at a time

You’ll get better and better at
what you’ve chosen as your
Olympic event.

When you’re ready!

Whatever it is in your life
that you want to do,

look at how you can
simplify your life

so that you make it happen
step by step.

I simplified my life again.
I went back a little bit.

Because I leaped just a little…
Farther ahead
Of where I am.

So look at your life.
Make it be fun!
Make it be where you are right now

Let it be enough…
That you are where you are right now.

Let it be enough…
That you add one thing at a time.

And then readjust.
That’s right…

You’ll find joy and peace.
As I did.
And as I do each time I bump into the problem…

Again and again…
And again.

You can do it too.



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