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What makes a difference in keeping me actively moving forward, ever seeking to help is trusting my interests and abilities can help others and being grateful for the results, whatever they may be.

On hard days, I may forget that!
But I can investigate. To remember!

Here’s one way that’s helpful.

Do a little walk-through of your day yesterday.

Considering what you’re happy was part of your day yesterday.

Or today!
But pick a recent day.

A day that’s kind of representative of you living a day that fits into your life.

Look through your day.

Search out the happy moments.

Not just one or two! A bunch.

So that you can write down at least a handful.

Yes, write some down.
Maybe four or five!

Different things that you experienced…

As part of your day yesterday that you’re happy is in your life.

That you appreciate being there!

Then focus in on them, one by one.
Wallow a little bit.
Allow yourself to remember!
Allow yourself to remember how
you did experience that happiness.
Allow yourself to be aware
of what it was like to be you,
experiencing those happy moments.

Remember! Reflect.

​​​​​​​Re-experience the good so that you can go get more of it.

Writing things down makes a difference…

I dare you to write at least 3 happy things,
put it in your pocket, and read it another day! Yep,
​​​​​​​I’m giving you that as a homework assignment.

Then what’s next? Ponder which ones you appreciate.

Wallow in that grattitude a bit!


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