Grab your curiosity! Figuring out what to do with your life begins well with being curious

What does curiosity give you? I’ve found that being curious lead to experimenting enough to find what matters to me.

That leads me to knowing what I want to do.

It leads to innovation, too. Tiny innovations for me as I build my own life.

And I need a life that fits me and my talents and my collection of challenges.


Being curious can guide you to inspiration
because it helps you uncover what fits you.

I’m curious. I use my curiosity.
Indeed, I use curiosity as a tool for living the present moment well.

How do you use curiosity?

Or are you even exploring in this area? 🙂

Your own curiosity can
help you to figure out,
well… life…inspiration,
personal growth that matters to you!

Because facing challenging times
requires figuring out a way that fits you…

you as a unique individual on this planet of billions of unique individuals.


Dare to allow your curiosity to be an advantage!

Your own personal competitive advantage in building your life in a way that fits exactly who you are and what you care about!

Because growing requires you to
notice opportunites for growth
in front of you right now

Because there is a better future
you can build using today’s situation

Being curious can light your way.

You are going to figure out a way!

Being curious can guide you gently…
to stuff that interests and excites you.

The kind of stuff where working on it
is fun for you and brings you joy and peace.

Part of what you get out of challenging times
and facing them well is a better life.

Challenging times put limitations on you, indeed.

Yet challenging times spark within you a strength 
that you might not use or even discover otherwise.

Facing huge challenges,
when you do it by being curious,
helps you grow.

I’m curious, as I face health challenges that I’m facing,
what kind of a life I’m going to build for myself that fits.

I encourage you to prioritize being curious!

I find that it helps me to be curious about my desire, too.

To be curious about what my ambitions might be
given the new reality of these health challenges.

Facing what’s real right now.

I expect myself to grow.

You can expect yourself to grow, too.

I allow myself to be curious about what avenues of growth might be available to me today. There’s a lot of things that I’m picking up on that I wouldn’t have made time to pay attention to before. When life slows down, small things take on more importance to me. When a lot of things that I’ve been able to do are no longer available to me, I find that asking myself, with curiosity, how I might replace them best in this moment right now helps me.

Something that’s missing can be replaced.

Not with something that’s exactly the same. Sometimes with something that’s better though. Be curious! What unexpected discoveries might be hiding in today for you?

Practice curiosity!

Just look around. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities that are around you. Even if it’s as simple as observing how someone is doing something that is part of your life. Saying to yourself, that’s a curious way to do that. I wonder if there’s another way that might work better for me.

Allow yourself time for being curious.

I find that it awakens me to the current moment. Helps me to explore! My curiosity helps me to grow in ways that might not have been available to me in the busier life that I was leading before these challenges became a part of my life.

Be curious? Yes! Let your curiosity help you grow.

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