Self-care, confidence and doing fit together

I’m rediscovering over and over and now today once again that confidence
comes from
Confidence really is what makes the world feel like a safer place.Allowing yourself to do what it takes to experience confidence delivers results.

Results tend to pull you forward, especially when those results are involved in helping other people. Those acccomoplishments begin giving you a bit of a helper’s high.

You gain a feeling of safety that gives a growing willingness to risk.

Risk matters.

Indeed willingness to engage in practical risking in life is really important…
I’d go so far as to suggest that risking in life is critical…
Because it gives a willingness to try new things.
Growth comes from that exploration.
New skills! New attitudes.

And a willingness to try many things?
Hey, that’s what makes you be more likely to succeed.
Simply by trying enough things, part of something works!

What comes next? Well when you dare to to try new things you will eventually be able to  say, well, part of that did work!

That inspires you to an attitude of hmm,  let me try that thing again

and oops, too…
for the other parts that didn’t?

Oh well
seeing some results helps you be willing take another action…


Take care of yourself.

And be willing to try scary new things.

That’s how to inspire yourself to do
what you need to do to succeed in all aspects of life.


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